Carlitos Espinoza y Noelia Hurtado

We would describe them as an…
African Tulip/Flame of the Forest.

Like a million scarves on the sky
From the glowing sun above my head
Blossoms of African tulip,
Flame of the forest,
And my skin in flame
From your touch

Let’s dance
And disappear together
In those burning flowers

by Moonlight Drop

Jaw-droppingly beautiful. And we don’t drop our jaws so easily.

Take the new milonguero style dancer from Argentina who combines strong dynamism, profound musicality, precise steps, and grounded walk.

Add maybe the most influential female dancer of this generation, a girl from Buenoes Aires, the queen of embellishments with rounded movements, vigorous energy and sensual elegance.

What you get is probably the most famous “new” couple in the world with huge experience in teaching and performing!

While TEACHING, they challenge their students’ process of conceptualizing when they lead or follow, developing technique, focusing on active following, on when, where and how to add style to your dance, and on subtle movements as a reflection of musicality.

While PERFORMING, they merge the dynamics and techniques of contemporary tango, with the roots, essence and attributes of the traditional tango, thus achieving high musicality, soft fluidity, and strong dynamics. They transfer the music into the movements of the body turning their dance into an extremely lush experience.

Jonathan Saavedra y Clarisa Aragón

We would describe them as a…
Purple Allium.

In the alley
of touch
this allium’s scattered
in a thousand drops

A flock of butterflies
Wanders around a pale figure
in a dark, empty place
the sound of tears
then the bliss of wings
and it’s not dark anymore!
It’s not empty,
tears are gone!

Purple light
Of the one in love.

by Moonlight Drop

They belong to a new generation of young dancers who devote themselves entirely to the art of Tango Dancing

Their mission is to make tango a lifestyle and, through hard work and commitment to this art, be able to pass on their traditions showing how much they love what they do.

Ivan Terrazas y Sara Grdan

We would describe them as a…
Green Orchid.

In one touch
There was so much more than just a touch 

If I cover my face with my hands
Pictures will appear anyway…
And the sound,
And the smell.


I remember that green

It was a misty morning
of goodbye
Lines on the walls, and all the things around…
(when you have to leave all looks so profound)
And those flowers on the floor!
decently decadent…
Green Orchid
lavish but humble
strong but vulnerable
and somehow so real and live
real and live like the eyes of the lover

I remember that green…
Because, while I was looking at that Green Orchid
I knew that I will not leave.

And I stayed.

– – – – – – – – –

No sad verse… Only flowers and lovers… 

by Moonlight Drop

There’s something so New York-ish about them!

We want to be a part of it, New York, New York.

First you have the Argentinian trained in Malambo and other forms of Argentine folklore, as well as in classical ballet, salsa and tap dance, all in addition to Argentine tango.

Then you have the smart girl from Croatia, who studied regional folklore dances, classical ballet, afterwards learning Argentine tango and folklore, then becoming a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor.

What you get is one of the most recognized couple of teachers, and truly original performers!

While TEACHING, they emphasize technique, analytical thinking, logic, naturalness and comfort in both the close and open embrace, encouraging students to look for connection, quality of movement, creative expression and musicality in order to make their dance uniquely their own.

While PERFORMING, they are bravely and firmly resetting the paradigms of traditional tango for our modern times. Emanating their multi-layered knowledge on body mechanics and movement technique with the step each pushed to perfection, courageously choosing a song, a choreography, or both, they deliver performance which is an authentic experience to the core.

Fausto Carpino y Stephanie Fesneau

We would describe them as a…
Cosmos Flower/Fuchsia.

Like a spring water
it flows and it whispers
carousel of tenderness and joy
soft petals of fuchsia
on your face in my hands

we used to know how kids can love
we used to know how kids can laugh

let’s just dive into this spring  my love

let us just try to be as once we were

so young,

     so fresh and naïve,

like this fuchsia field where we stopped

to feed ourselves with… 

        ….oh, my love!

by Moonlight Drop

European flavors at its best. Taste and aftertaste.

Pull the Italian ragazzo who won prizes at many ballroom competitions throughout his young age, discovering fascinating Argentine tango and shortly after opening the first tango school in Syracuse with his sister and her partner.

Put ragazzo together with the French-Polish girl in whose life dance and theatre were ever-present, and whose sweet-sixteen crush for tango became her stable love and also her career path.

The result is the most wanted European couple that reflects how universal this “language” of tango is!

While TEACHING, they are fully focused on how to propose oneself to the partner in a comfortable way within the embrace, based on logic and natural movements. His genuine ease with students and her sophisticated manner of speaking both prove to be valuable tools of communication in the classes.

While PERFORMING, they visually evoke what they believe in: their credo is that connection, musicality and technique are the keys to fully appreciate the beauty of tango. Their smooth, natural movement, their tender communication, her signature adorno and his signature smile – those leave us speechless.

Sercan Yiğit y Zeynep Aktar

We would describe them as a…
White lilly.

White lilly


Is white a colour
Or is white composed of all colours

Just stop and smell the lilly
Or better yet
Smell my hair
My skin

by Moonlight Drop

They rise by embracing each other. Is there another way?

Take two young people from colourful Istanbul who met after a relatively short period of time after they took their first steps towards tango dance, and who decided to walk on the same path hand in hand.

What you get is already somehow… romantic.
With vast individual experience and knowledge in the spheres of music, theater, and communication, they searched for and found more in tango – together.

While TEACHING, they focus on the immense possibilities of communication and innovation, always reminding students of the lively, respiring “human touch” of the social dance that tango is, never forgetting person-to-person interchange and how much they can learn while teaching. They don’t enforce strict rules, preferring if their student understands the nature of tango intuitively.

While PERFORMING, they manifest elegant aesthetics, beautiful harmony, and refined musicality with an intense yet unpretentious style, where one can almost breathe the excitement surrounding their aura. They embrace a dance approach based on unity, living and dancing – heart by heart.

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