COVID-19 Statement

Dear tango friends,

Given the current situation, it is unlikely that Encuentro will be able to take place on the announced dates.

We all know how big of an event Encuentro is and we have already suffered great losses. We believe that you’ll get at least some of your money back for the flights and accommodation (thanks to the refund policies that are initiated in these situations) in case the festival can’t be held on the planned dates.

As for refunds for your participation, we kindly ask for your patience.
At this moment, we can’t anticipate when the festival will be able to be organized and we hope to get a clearer picture by mid-April. As soon as we have the new dates we will announce the cancellation of this edition and we’ll give you the option to transfer your payment to the new dates or (in case the dates don’t fit in your schedule) we’ll find a way to refund you.

We hope that waiting a few more weeks so that the situation becomes clearer doesn’t change much for you. Otherwise, the problem we are already in becomes much bigger and the situation that we, as organizers, are facing is even harder to solve.

This is an extremely difficult time for anyone who lives tango and especially for those who contribute to tango the most and who live off it. We want you to know that we are thinking of you and we wish for you to get through this as well and as healthier as possible.

We are left with hope in our hearts that by May all of this will pass. The festival will be organized only in an absolutely safe environment. Miracles do exist. Even if one of those miracles isn’t a quick end of the outbreak and organizing the festival as planned, the picture of us dancing in that blissful ronda is what makes it easier to get by.

Let’s hope that these difficult times will open up space for us to love and care for ourselves like never before.

A big, warm hug ❤

BTE team

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