DJ Team

Mauro Berardi

Mauro Berardi

“I’m happy to be one of the DJs of the Belgrade Tango Encuentro. I ‘ll make you happy too.”
No need to introduce Mauro.
Mauro for president!
Konrad Krynski

Konrad Krynski

I could say that I would give you a range of famous classical tango orchestras, spiced up with rare yet exciting danceable pieces. But I’d rather just say I’ll rip my heart out and give it to you.

Don Krynski spends way too much time researching tango music and DJing at international events, yet he manages to do some wine-tasting, too.  



Playing on a milonga, my job is to make people believe in what they already know – life is Tango and vice versa.” (Dark-Oh recalls David Bowie’s words: “I am a DJ, I am what I play. I got believers, believing me.”)

When he’s not playing at international events, we are lucky to have him DJ at local Belgrade milongas. He is modest as a DJ, for some reason. He is a strong yet tender man.

Francesco Cieschi

Francesco Cieschi

I’m a dancer, and as a dancer I love joy, intensity and passion. Don’t expect anything different from my set.

Italian warmth, Berlin chill mode. Only few men in this post-Sinatra era can be über-tender-hearted while keeping their macho image to the fullest. And wait to hear his cortinas.

Semeon Kukormin

Semeon Kukormin

First of all dance for me is a song and I can talk about my feelings throughout it. I sing in duet with my partner while dancing!

Many dancers have already called him the most lyrical DJ. Caló, from heaven, approves his choices.

Long live romantic men!

Ramo y Gogo

Ramo y Gogo

Our aim is to make the dancers feel themselves like stars.

This DJ duo based in Istanbul always tries to capture the mood of the crowd and create an atmosphere that will elevate the energy as a whole.

Imagine Istanbul spice market.

Andrés Molina

Andres Molina

“I want to make you all dance like crazy. Intense music for intense people”

Great DJ, beautiful performer,excellent teacher, amazing social dancer, modest person and such a good looking guy: Simply said, Andres is all-around-player!
Lucky us and lucky you

This time it’s gonna be Sunday night fever – looking forward to it!!



Embrace like a lover and let me do the rest.

A young, playful, energetic tango DJ, brave in many ways, the resident DJ at Milonga Inspiración. At his first international experience he succeeded to keep ronda full for the entire set he played…

Rise and shine, Mr Darienzowich.

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