If you want to search for a partner before the festival, this Facebook group can help.
If you don’t find a partner, do not worry – we take care to provide an equal number of leaders and followers in all classes.


Belgrade Fair, 14 Bulevar vojvode Mišića

Wednesday, May 1st
LocationTimeTeachersClass NameLevel
Tango Natural18:00-19:30StephanieSo good to be a woman in tango! Technique for followers with StephanieAll

Thursday, May 2nd
LocationTimeTeachersClass NameLevel
TBA15:00-16:30NoeliaGirl’s time! Technique with NoeliaAll
TBA16:45-18:15 Jonathan y Clarisa100% improvisation: Tools and exercises to improve the possibilities on the dance floorInt/Adv, All
TBAFausto y StephanieTechnique in couples: Work of the standing/free legInt/Adv
TBA18:30-20:00Ivan y SaraNecessary ADORNOS, using adornments to enhance our communication (lead and follow)Int, Int/Adv, Adv
TBACarlitos y NoeliaEnjoy more at crowded milonga: combinations of rebounds with crossesInt/Adv

Friday, May 3rd
LocationTimeTeachersClass NameLevel
TBA12:15-13:45Carlitos y NoeliaRefresh your turns: The use of projection to change dynamicsInt / Adv
TBAFausto y StephaniePlay with sacadas – both leaders and followersInt / Adv
TBA14:00-15:30Ivan y SaraTight spaces, no problem!! Managing any step in any space ( modifying linear to circular)Int / Adv
TBACarlitos y NoeliaExercises and techniques to discover and use different rhythmic structuresInt / Adv
TBA15:45-17:15Jonathan y ClarisaVals: Enjoy improvising using height levels and playing with circular movementsAdv
TBASercan y ZeynepHow to get playful in milonga : adornos that will turn simple milonga steps into a playful danceInt
TBA18:30-20:00Fausto y StephanieFausto&Stephanie’s specialty: Turns and contra-turns in close embraceAdv
TBAJonathan y ClarisaBe calm in the speed: control of the energy and the movementInt / Adv

Saturday, May 4th
LocationTimeTeachersClass NameLevel
TBA12:00-13:30Fausto y StephanieGanchos in turnsInt/Adv
TBAJonathan y ClarisaAll about the pivot: How to make a fluid pivot useful for everything you wantAll
TBA13:45-15:15Carlitos y NoeliaWake-up milonga: structures and achieving comfort within accelerationInt/Adv
TBASercan y ZeynepPlayful barridas: get ready to play with the barridas for both roles to enjoy moreInt, Int/Adv
TBA15:30-17:00Carlitos y NoeliaPleasure of walk: our way to interpret melody & rhythmInt, Int/Adv, Adv
TBAIvan y SaraWhere our Favorites Tango steps come from?Using geometry as a default to accomplish our stepsInt/Adv
TBA18:15-19:45Ivan y SaraSongs with a variation: what to do when the music speeds up to culmination!? Manage to follow the speed of the music for a social dance settingInt/Adv
TBASercan y ZeynepUnexpected boleos: Surprise the lady with unexpected boleo leads, get ready to do boleos even from the most unexpected situationsInt, Int/Adv

Sunday, May 5th
LocationTimeTeachersClass NameLevel
TBA12:00-13:30Ivan y SaraThink outside of the Box! Rediscovering new movements: breaking habitsInt, Int/Adv, Adv
TBAJonathan y ClarisaBeautiful walking: technique and tools for the fluidityInt, Int/Adv, Adv
TBA12:30-14:00Semeon KukorminArgentine folklore: Zamba (registrations for the class on the spot, price 10 eur)All
TBA13:45-15:15Jonathan y ClarisaMake your milonga joyful using rebounds in different waysInt
TBASercan y ZeynepWays to dance vals steps in your own circle:adaptation of circular combinations in limited spaceInt, Int/Adv
TBA15:30-17:00Fausto y StephanieMusicality: Rhythm, melody&pauses: how to recognize and interpret musical structures in tangoInt/Adv
TBACarlitos y NoeliaUse of body levels to achieve different qualities and dynamics in movementsInt, Int/Adv
TBA18:15-19:45Carlitos y NoeliaMelodic structures: dynamic and static (expansion and compression, use of tones in the body)Int/Adv, Adv
TBAIvan y SaraPick your fight! understanding Sacada vs Gancho vs Colgada vs Parada vs Enganche vs BoleoInt, Int/Adv, Adv
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