If you want to search for a partner before the festival, this Facebook group can help.
If you don’t find a partner, do not worry – we take care to provide an equal number of leaders and followers in all classes.


Belgrade Fair, 14 Bulevar vojvode Mišića

Thursday, May 3rd
LocationTimeTeachersClass NameLevel
TBA16:30-18:00NoeliaWomen’ Secret: Technique for followersAll
TBA18:15-19:45Carlitos y NoeliaAlways ready for the rhythm! Rhythmic combinations in linear structuresInt, Adv

Friday, May 4th
LocationTimeTeachersClass NameLevel
TBA12:15-13:45Stanislav y KatyTwo ways of creating the centrifugal effect within the giroInt, Adv
TBA14:00-15:30Ivan y SaraFun time: Ivan & Sara’s fun milonga stepsInt
TBAFausto y StephanieVolcadas à la carte! Different types of volcadasInt, Adv
TBA15:45-17:15Ivan y SaraSupergiros: Unusual turns for social dancingInt, Adv
TBACarlitos y NoeliaThe Holy Grail: The importance of the music for the connection.
Being literal, melodic, rhythmic, details. Suggesting a musical idea.
Int, Adv
TBA18:30-20:00Carlitos y NoeliaSharing axis - when and how? Creating elastic movements to change dynamicsAdv
TBAFausto y StephanieVals me, baby: Fausto & Stephanie’s spécialitéInt, Adv

Saturday, May 5th
LocationTimeTeachersClass NameLevel
TBA12:00-13:30Carlitos y NoeliaDo it as Carlitos & Noelia: Milonguero turnsInt, Adv
TBA13:45-15:15Sercan y ZeynepIt’s possible! Combination of boleos and ganchos in reduced spacesInt, Adv
TBAIvan y SaraWake up your axis, and feel the magic!All
TBA15:30-17:00StephanieLadies’ heaven: Technique for followersAll
TBAIvan y SaraVals: Rhythmic variationsInt, Adv
TBA18:15-19:45Ivan y SaraFind your style: Expressing the music with your bodyInt, Adv
TBAFausto y StephanieStructure of boleos: Lead easily, follow beautifully!Int, Adv

Sunday, May 6th
LocationTimeTeachersClass NameLevel
TBA12:00-13:30Fausto y StephanieSpice up your turns: Ganchos are perfect for that!Adv
TBACarlitos y NoeliaThe World of CrossesInt, Adv
TBA13:45-15:15Carlitos y NoeliaMake your milonga playful!Int
TBAIvan y SaraImprovisation MasterclassAdv
TBA15:30-17:00Sercan y ZeynepFree your free leg: Various possibilities for both leaders and followersInt/Adv
TBAIvan y SaraDifferent embraces – different possibilities: How to create and use space in the embraceInt, Adv
TBA18:15-19:45Sercan y ZeynepShine bright: Enrosques for men and womenAdv
TBAFausto y StephaniePlay the game! Combinations of sacadas and barridasInt, Adv
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