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Your BTE coordinates: the venues, the hotels, the restaurant, 24/7 shops and pharmacies (emergency center – just in case).

Wherever you are, your special partner will find you!

The list of suggested taxi companies and the link to the Car:go application can be found under the map.

You can take a printed copy of the map with all the useful information at the registration desk.


For more useful info, scroll down.

Taxi Service


Call on Viber: 00381604889979

Call on mobile: 00381654889977

Pay with cash


Tweet them @NAXIStaxi

Message them on Viber: 00381642229804

Order via Naxis Taxi Android or iPhone app

Call 19804 or type *TAXI which means *8294

Call on mobile: 0038163581111 or 00381642229804

Pay with cash or card


Call on mobile: 00381604040677

Pay with cash


Call on mobile: 00381653033123

Pay with cash

Car:go Service

Car:go, a ride-sharing company, is the Serbian version of Uber. It takes 5 minutes to download their application here, create a profile, type the address, and you can get a cheaper ride payed for with your credit card or by PayPal! Please bear in mind that you might wait for your ride around 10 minutes.

Some vehicles will even have the “tango” sign for you.

Additional info & tips

Continue reading if you need some more info on getting to your accomodation or if you want to find out the cheapest ways to move around Belgrade.
Getting to your accommodation from the airport
1. The easiest way to get to your accommodation is, of course, by taxi. The trip from the airport to the city center shouldn’t cost more than 15 EUR (1800 RSD). However, some taxi drivers parked at the airport might not turn on their taximeter (this is of course illegal and punishable by law) and ask that you pay a higher fee which can exceed 30 EUR. So, if you are taking a taxi to your accommodation, ask the taxi driver beforehand to tell you the price and don’t accept any fare higher than 15 EUR. If you so prefer, remember to ask for a non-smoking vehicle.


The airport is covered with (free) wi-fi signal. Also, you can ask airport staff to call you a taxi at the airport’s Taxi info stand situated at the luggage claim hall.


2. Also, you can try out a ride sharing company, Car:go.  The fare from the airport would be up to 10 eur (1250 RSD). (Remember to use the free wi-fi network at the airport.)


3. Another, somewhat cheaper way of getting to your accommodation is:
A) Take the A1 bus to Slavija square – the ticket costs 300 RSD, less than 2.5 EUR. The ride lasts about 30 min. You can take that same bus from Slavija square to the airport when leaving Belgrade.


The detailed schedule for the A1 bus can be found here.


B1) Once you arrive at Slavija square, if it’s during the working hours of the festival’s info/registration desk on Wednesday-Sunday, you can take a short walk (500 m) to ITN (see the City Info map) where we will gladly call a taxi to take you to your accommodation – the price should not be more than 5 EUR if your accommodation is located in the city center.


You can find the working hours of the info/registration desk here.


If you won’t be staying at one of our official hotels, upon arriving at the info/registration desk you can take your validated coupons providing you with a discount at our official restaurant which is just one minute away by foot from ITN and SKC.


B2) If, after arriving at Slavija square, you just want to take a taxi to your accommodation, you can do so at the Slavija square taxi station. (Just be careful when picking a taxi and do not choose a vehicle without TX letters on the plates. There are some taxis that don’t work in accordance with the law, so they might ask for a higher fee. Proper Belgrade taxis are cheap (up to 5eur from Slavija square to your accommodation), especially compared to ones in other large European cities.)


B3) If you’ll be staying at the Park hotel, you can take a relaxing five minute walk to it from Slavija square (see the City Info map for directions)


B4) There is also the option of using public transportation, however, you would save only 1-4 EUR but spend a lot more time, so we think that a taxi is a far better choice. There is no subway in Belgrade, and the public transportation consists of trams, trolleys and buses.

Taxi info
For a list of reliable taxi companies scroll up.


Taxis are relatively cheap compared to European prices, and a ride in the city center will usually cost you less than 4 euros, and with 7-8 euros you can get to pretty much anywhere except the most remote places. In general, whenever you can, try to order a taxi by phone – while most taxis on the street are ok, some of them are illegal drivers who can charge you a large amount.


If your only option is to stop a taxi on the street, be sure to check that they have a radio receiver inside and that they are using a taxi meter (the starting price for the ride is 1.5 euros – and around 0.5 euro per kilometer), and try to stop taxis with the TX letters on the plates. When you are at the festival venues, you can always count on us to call you a taxi. In most taxis you cannot pay with a credit card, except for the NaxiS taxi.

Public transport
If you plan on using public transport (buses, trams and trolleybuses), you can purchase tickets either in the vehicle itself (a little less than 1.50 EUR) or at kiosks and stores around town.
Safety tips
In general, Belgrade is a very safe city. You can get around the city center and most central municipalities without pretty much any cause for concern, both during day and night. Still, do take basic precautions, such as keeping your wallet and documents in your inner jacket pockets etc.
Additional tips
1. Be sure to take a walk in the city center (Knez Mihajlova street) and the Kalemegdan park, both of which are less than 15 minutes away on foot from all the festival venues. Also, spare some time for Skadarlija, the bohemian street of Belgrade, and the Nikola Tesla Museum.
2. Always check at a store/restaurant/bar if you can pay via the credit card that you have!
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