Andrés Molina y Natacha Lockwood

We would describe them as an…
Cosmos Flower.

In a dreamland of those Cosmos Flowers
everything seems so well
even some tears and sadness
it all has it’s place

In your embrace
the world smiles at me
In your eyes
the dark depths of all seas and a million stars at the same time
In my stomach
the sky and the ground become one
by your touch


And all this
it does have it’s place
and it has it’s silence in the murmur of our lives


It was not a dream
Not a dream!

by Moonlight Drop

They are devoted and caring and gentle and soft and smooth and…
Oh, can’t wait to see them in Belgrade live!

Andrés and Natacha met four years ago in Buenos Aires milongas. She is from Paris. He is from Buenos Aires. This encounter will be a blast. Early 2015 they decided to work together, based in Paris, to develop and share a renewed vision for tango.


They look for an organic and cheerful dance, focusing on sensations and musicality, yet keeping present the essence of tango, sparing superficialities and clichés. When they dance, they actively listen and inspire each other. Their quality of movement is a combination of smoothness and power, grounding and presence, creativity and expression.


Their way of teaching is based on precise internal body technique, which allows comfort and fluidity individually and as a couple, as well as communication and improvisation. Socially open and fun, their classes are both challenging and playful and bring practical tools to improve and develop the dance.

Ivan Terrazas y Sara Grdan

We would describe them as a…
Green Orchid.

In one touch
There was so much more than just a touch 

If I cover my face with my hands
Pictures will appear anyway…
And the sound,
And the smell.


I remember that green

It was a misty morning
of goodbye
Lines on the walls, and all the things around…
(when you have to leave all looks so profound)
And those flowers on the floor!
decently decadent…
Green Orchid
lavish but humble
strong but vulnerable
and somehow so real and live
real and live like the eyes of the lover

I remember that green…
Because, while I was looking at that Green Orchid
I knew that I will not leave.

And I stayed.

– – – – – – – – –

No sad verse… Only flowers and lovers… 

by Moonlight Drop

There’s something so New York-ish about them!

We want to be a part of it, New York, New York.

First you have the Argentinian trained in Malambo and other forms of Argentine folklore, as well as in classical ballet, salsa and tap dance, all in addition to Argentine tango.


Then you have the smart girl from Croatia, who studied regional folklore dances, classical ballet, afterwards learning Argentine tango and folklore, then becoming a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor.


What you get is one of the most recognized couple of teachers, and truly original performers!


While TEACHING, they emphasize technique, analytical thinking, logic, naturalness and comfort in both the close and open embrace, encouraging students to look for connection, quality of movement, creative expression and musicality in order to make their dance uniquely their own.


While PERFORMING, they are bravely and firmly resetting the paradigms of traditional tango for our modern times. Emanating their multi-layered knowledge on body mechanics and movement technique with the step each pushed to perfection, courageously choosing a song, a choreography, or both, they deliver performance which is an authentic experience to the core.

Octavio Fernandez y Corina Herrera

We would describe them as a…
Purple Allium.

and caress
this moment of joy

The Purple Allium of youth that is passing
and life that is still raising
And I am so young here
in your embrace

And this place
these red walls
and trees on the balcony

Wind blows sounds of pleasures
and it sings of love
of love and surrender
to the moments we’ll never forget

this life
my small world of cherries and blood
and the God who placed you here
inside me

by Moonlight Drop

Music is their God.
Oh God if we could only be as musical as they are!!

Corina and Octavio are a young tango couple who addresses the dance from an intimate relationship with the tango essence. They have developed their own unique style from dancing long nights at milongas in Buenos Aires and also putting strong working hours into practice. They have playfulness, intensity and have many colors in their dance. When you watch them dance, they remind us why we love to dance tango.
Corina and Octavio… tango tango


Octavio’s passion for Tango started when he was a teenager, inside a family atmosphere where Tango, Folklore and Rock ‘n Roll were an everyday occurrence.
His passion and interest for Tango music, led him to be one of the most recognised Djs of the moment.
Elegant, but full of freshness, his dance was created thanks to hours and hours of dancing in the milongas porteñas. The influence of great contemporary tango masters and dancers, as well as the essence of the old “Milongueros” are embodied in every step he takes on a dance floor.


Corina started dancing Tango at 9 years old, and at 14 years old, she started the first group classes. She is recognized in all the world as a one of the best dancers of the new generation. She has been in the most important tango festivals in Argentina, Europe and North America.

Gaston Torelli y Mariana Dragone

We would describe them as a…
Red Dahlia.

I took the road to the garden

What a sunny day
Feeling amazed with the glory of life, deep strength of destiny, or call it however

The scent of Red Dahlias
touched my skin
I trembled

Thinking of that late summer night
When I saw you for the first time

Can you remember the words you told me?
Can you remember the look you gave me?

And can you remember how you left
long after
years later
this last Good-bye that we didn’t say out loud
but my heart was screaming those words
while I wanted to say
Stay Just stay here With me Forever

by Moonlight Drop

They improvise a lot and we love it a lot!
Because, to be real, there, in the moment, that is the toughest thing to do under the spotlights…

Mariana Dragone was born in Rosario city. She started dancing tango in 1992 and fell in love with the dance.  She partnered with dancers with absolutely different styles, which gave her a personal style and the possibility to adapt herself to dancing with any partner without losing her own magic.

In 2015, she started dancing with Gaston Torelli and together they work on a teaching structure that gives the students all the freedom they need for their dance.


Gaston Torelli started his career as a dancer and a teacher in Mora Godoy´s studio, as a member of Mora Godoy´s Company and as part of “Tanguera” Musical. He is one of the current dancers that shares a fresh view and movement of today’s tango, which also involves tango of the past. He is constantly developing new techniques and new pedagogy to allow people to get closer to tango in a simpler, comfortable fun and respectful way.

Since 2014, he has been working with Mariana Dragone, one of the most important dancers and Maestras in the history of Tango Danza.


Gaston Torelli and Mariana Dragone are dancers who share stage and shows with the majority of the orchestras, due to the adaptability of their tango, the quality of movements, dynamics and professionalism.

Sercan Yiğit y Zeynep Aktar

We would describe them as a…
White lilly.

White lilly


Is white a colour
Or is white composed of all colours

Just stop and smell the lilly
Or better yet
Smell my hair
My skin

by Moonlight Drop

They rise by embracing each other. Is there another way?

Take two young people from colourful Istanbul who met after a relatively short period of time after they took their first steps towards tango dance, and who decided to walk on the same path hand in hand.


What you get is already somehow… romantic.
With vast individual experience and knowledge in the spheres of music, theater, and communication, they searched for and found more in tango – together.


While TEACHING, they focus on the immense possibilities of communication and innovation, always reminding students of the lively, respiring “human touch” of the social dance that tango is, never forgetting person-to-person interchange and how much they can learn while teaching. They don’t enforce strict rules, preferring if their student understands the nature of tango intuitively.


While PERFORMING, they manifest elegant aesthetics, beautiful harmony, and refined musicality with an intense yet unpretentious style, where one can almost breathe the excitement surrounding their aura. They embrace a dance approach based on unity, living and dancing – heart by heart.

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