COVID-19 Statement

Dear tango friends,

At the end of this text you will find a link for finalizing the status of your registration. This is for all of you who have registered and made a payment. We kindly ask you to finish that process.

We’d like to inform you that, due to known reasons concerning COVID-19, we have to postpone this edition and move Belgrade Tango Encuentro for next year, May 4-11, 2021.

This decision is even harder considering it was looking like this would be a legendary edition, with more than 900 registrations after just the first month since registrations opened. The decision is also hard because Encuentro was the main source of financing for all our projects focused on spreading tango and the growth of the tango community, including a series of free and subsidized contents.

The reasons for making the decision to postpone BTE for next year instead of picking a date for later this year are:

  • Adding an event this big to the calendar on dates that have already been occupied for years by other events could potentially jeopardize the harmony and smooth functioning of our European tango community.
  • Even though we could maybe find a date to have the event safely (due to the situation with the virus), we don’t want to take the slightest risk of disrupting your plans for autumn travelings and our organization that has already had considerable losses.

Having in mind this challenging situation, we would be extremely grateful to everyone who would like to support the festival with their participation fee, or a part of it. Along with considerable losses we have due to money we already invested, this situation led us to close our school making it challenging for us to pay the studio space rent and salaries for about fifteen instructors and other members of our team. We know that the situation has brought financial hardship to many of you, so please only donate if this doesn’t financially burden you.

If you haven’t registered for the festival but you want to help preservation and further work of Tango Natural, you can find our online program at:,

You can support us at:

If through the donations for the festival we get more support than the amount of money we invested in the preparations, a percentage of the remaining donations will go to the artists that were supposed to take part in the festival and who make their living from tango.

We hope that soon we will all be able to live the freedom of tango encounters. First of all, we wish you all good health and inner peace.

To all our fellow instructors and organizers, we wish for you to get through these rough times with as little losses and difficulties as possible.

P.S. Until recently you could have seen ads for our events on Facebook and Instagram. We want to inform you that those were errors on these platforms and that we haven’t had an active campaign since March 9.


Here is the link for finalizing the status of your registration for BTE 2020:
We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that it may take a few days before you get a reply from us, considering the number of registrations we have (about 1000).

We kindly ask you, in order to avoid unnecessary complications, if you have payed your participation through a promoter, please don’t contact them before finishing your communication with us. Thank you for understanding.

A big, warm embrace from Belgrade 
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