@ the lounge area

Plaza Anibal Troilo

You’ll be able to eat all your meals fresh, warm, and prepared

right there in the mobile restaurant, parked in the Plaza Anibal Troilo.


Imagine sharing tasty meals with your tango friends, before, during and after milongas (which will add to the beloved marathon feeling). That could also help you have more time for sleeping and sightseeing.

There will be dishes for everyone, and at affordable prices: various types of pasta and risotto, burgers and other types of meat, soups and salads, pancakes and pies, snack food, etc.

See you all over food at the Troilo’s square!

Working hours: 13:30-20:30 and during gran milongas

Afterparties‘ visitors, worry not! You can buy a sandwich/ soup/ sweet and savory pancake at the venue!

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