The Location


The address of the venue: Belgrade Fair – 14, Bulevar vojvode Mišića
Hall 3
  • Gran Milongas
  • Daily Milongas
  • Registration Desk
Hall 1
  • Workshops

Wednesday and Monday (pre party and after party)

The address of the venue: Dorcol Platz – 59, Dobracina

The Venue

The home of Belgrade Tango Encuentro is big enough to accept the whole tango world.
Still, you will not get lost in this big world, and you will not get overwhelmed by its size.
Instead of that, you will find many ‘neighbourhoods’ and enjoy its dynamics and variety.
While being a part of this big tango world, you will never be surrounded by more than 100 people, and you will be able to move and discover new parts of this world, new neighbourhoods, new dancing partners and new friends.
The only thing you will be lost in is its beauty. And, yes, you will fall in love.


Discover the grandiose HOME of Belgrade Tango Encuentro…


…and try to feel the vibe of the last year’s edition.

The address of the venue: 14, Bulevar vojvode Mišića
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