Marta Kossakowska

Sensitive, receptive and artistic.

The eye which sees the beauty.

Her hair flies in the space,
her feet caress the floor,
her scent embraces the air,
her camera captures beneath.
Beneath the skin, texture of emotions, sounds of blood, heartbeats.

Soft Marta. Strong Marta. Good Marta. Nasty Marta.
Joyful Marta. Sad Marta. Angry Marta.
Just as we all are.

And there,
she stands in the dark,
waiting, watching, accepting:
our emotions as if they are hers,
our movements as if they are hers.

Setups and plans,
preparations and executions,
thoughts and steps.

And then,
when looking at her photos,
one discovers things that one’s eye couldn’t see.

by Moonlight Drop

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