HOW TO SAVE MONEY for your BTE adventure?

Your BTE adventure can be very affordable, especially if you organize yourself on time. Here are some useful tips on how to save by planning your trip ahead:
1. Book your flight on time and your travel expenses can be less than 100 euros. There are number of low-cost flights to Belgrade and near-by airports (Nis, Timisoara, Budapest). And we can organize your transfer from those airports to Belgrade and back! For more information, click here.
2. Book your apartment or hotel room on time. During the first week of May, there will be Holidays and we expect a lot of tourists in Belgrade. However, you can still find very affordable accommodation near the BTE venue – e.g. an apartment for 4 persons for around 40 euros per day. Our official hotels also offers great prices for BTE participants. For more information, click here.
3. Don’t forget to register on time for cheaper prices. Save 25 Euros by booking the Gran Milonga Package (5 milongas, 6 performances, 2 orquestras, 48 dancing hours – ONLY 65 Euros).
4. Or save 45 Euros by booking the Marathon package (5 Gran Milongas, 4 Daily Milongas, 7 performances, 2 orquestras, 68 dancing hours – 85 Euros).
5. Register for workshops with our maestros (22 euros each). Number of inspiring classes are still available.
6. Have in mind that food and other services in Belgrade are cheaper than in most of European capitals – e.g. regular lunch in most restaurants costs from 6 to 12 euros; delicious fast food around 3 euros. Besides, drinks at BTE are pretty cheap compared to majority of marathons and festivals. Finally, taxi in Belgrade is very affordable.
We hope that this info can help you calculate your expenses.
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