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We give you the cheapest options first.

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*Some of shown prices are not updated and they are for REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY. Please check the exact ones on the air companies’ websites.
We expect some of the prices to get lower soon.

Shuttle Services

If you have a low cost or regular flight to one of near-by airports (Budapest, Nis, Timisoara), we can arrange you a ‘door to door’ ride with mini bus from airport to the apartment in Belgrade.
All you need to do is to send us an e-mail (
with your cellphone number and info about your departure to one of these airports, and we will do the rest.

(We don’t charge our service of booking your seat at the minibus; listed prices are charged by the mini bus agencies and are to be payed upon departure, in the bus)


Return tickets:
Budapest/Belgrade 50€,
Timisoara/Belgrade 20€,
Niš/Belgrade 25€.

In a case you prefer to book your mini bus transportation by your self this is what we suggest to you:


Terratravel has daily lines for Budapest.

*Preferred by Tango Natural.


Geatours has daily lines for Budapest/Timisoara/Nis.

*Please do NOT contact Geatravel instead of Geatours agency!

Fly to Timisoara


Milan Bergamo from 28€

Bucharest from 32€

Other companies*

Tallinn with Lufthansa from 213€


Milan Bergamo from 75€

Paris Beauvais from 135€

Dortmund from 130€

Memmingen from 75€

Nuremberg from 51€

Tel Aviv from 158€

Bari from 105€

Bologna from 115€

Milan Bergamo from 70€

Rome Ciampino from 130€

Venice Treviso from 85€

Madrid from 165€

Valencia from 180€

London Luton from 137€

Fly to Budapest


Berlin Shonefeld from 34€

Stuttgart from 42€

Bari from 47€

Cagliari from 58€

Catania from 100€

Naples from 48€

Rome Ciampino from 64€

Lviv from 58€

Odesa International from 47€

London Stansed from 55€

Edinburgh from 103€

Manchester from 170€

Madrid from 64€

Malaga from 100€

Seville from 124€

Valencia from 83€

Dublin from 117€

Poznan from 70€

Lisbon from 120€

Porto from 124€

Copenhagen from 47€

Tampere – Finland from 94€

Paris Beauvais from 103€

Marseille from 78€

Waterford from 133€

Barcelona El Prat from 110€

Prague from 50€

Paphos – Cyprus from 92€

Brussels Charleroi from 42€


Berlin Shonefeld from 25€

Brussels Charleroi from 60€

Basel Mulhouse Freiburg from 50€

Nice from 120€

Paris Orly from 75€

Frankfurt from 55€

Hanover from 55€

Reykjavik from 170€

Tel Aviv from 73€

Kazan from 155€

Moscow from 155€

St Petersburg from 255€

Porto from 150€

Lisabon from 190€

Alicante from 95€

Madrid from 48€

Malaga from 160€

Oslo from 71€

Stockholm Skavsta from 72€

Odesa International from 154€

Kyiv Zhulyany from 142€

Birmingham from 188€

Edinburgh from 132€

Glasgow from 136€

London Luton from 79€

London Gatwick from 79 €

Nicosia from 105€

Kutsai from 46€

Smolensk from 155€

Other companies*

Chelyabinsk with Aeroflot from 326€

Nizhny Novgorod with Aeroflot from 294€

Rostov on Don with Aeroflot from 342€

Tyumen with Aeroflot from 355€

Ottawa with Air Canada from 782€

Hong Kong with AirChina from 358€

Bilbao with AirFrance from 159€

Talca with American from 647€

Voronezh with Belavia from 267€

Baku with Belavia from 255€

Los Angeles with British from 525€

High Wycombe with British Airlines from 132€

Sydney with China Eastern, Shanghai Airlines from 594€

Detroit with Delta Air France from 1170€

Montreal with easyJet from 572€

Toronto with easyJet from 530€

Vancouver with easyJet from 560€

Singapore with Emirates from 541€

Saint Petersburg with Finnair from 207€

Shangai with Finnair, Juneyao Airlines from 494€

Charlotte with jetBlue from 688€

Philadelphia with JetBlue from 692€

Montevideo with LATAM Airlines from 960€

Tallinn with Lufthansa from 164€

Seoul with Lufthansa from 603€

Manchester with Lufthansa from 148€

New York with Norwegian from 411€

Boston with Norwegian from 394€

Amherst with Norwegian from 395€

Austin with Norwegian from 522€

Orlando with Norwegian from 659€

Fairfield with Norwegian Air International, easyJet from 586€

Buenos Aires with Norwegian Air International, easyJet from 675€

Ankara with Pegasus from 174€

Dubai with Pegasus from 370€

Osaka with Qatar Airways from 626€

Busan with Shangai Airlines from 483€

Washington with SWISS from 681€

San Francisco with Turkish airlines from 584€

Chicago with Turkish Airlines from 607€

Samara with Turkish airlines from 320€

Istanbul with Turkish airlines from 144€

Hoboken with Turkish airlines from 412€

Kuala Lumpur with Turkish Airways from 595€

Tianjin with Xiamen, KLM from 545€

Listed flights are just some of the options. In a case you didn’t find your city listed above check out google flights for some connecting flights option through some other European cities. If you think we can help you in something please feel free to write to us on 

Fly to Nis


Berlin Shonefeld from 66€
Milan Bergamo from 50€
Bratislava from 30€
Malta from 44€


Vienna from 50€
Dortmund from 110€
Memmingen from 75€
Malmo from 50€

To Belgrade by plane in general

Fly directly to Belgrade

Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport is the main air transport hub of the Balkans with many direct lines to major cities.

We selected some of them:


Karlsruhe/Baden Baden from 130€
Stockholm Skavsta from 73€
London Luton from 132€
Stockholm Skavsta from 120€
Larnaca from 150€
Basel Mulhouse Freiburg from 110€
Paris Beauvais from 130€
Dortmund from 130€
Hanover from 90€
Memmingen from 115€
Malta from 95€
Eindhoven from 95€
Gothenburg Landvetter from 145€
Malmo from 105€
Karsluhe from 120€
Paris from 135€

Other companies*

Athens with Aegean, AirSerbia from 96€
Berlin with AirSerbia from 86€
Banja Luka with AirSerbia from 59€
Brussels with AirSerbia from 138€
Bucharest with AirSerbia from 133€
Ljubljana with AirSerbia from 128€
Maribor with AirSerbia from 128€
Sarajevo with AirSerbia from 157€
Skopje with AirSerbia from 138€
Thessaloniki with AirSerbia from 176€
Moscow with AirSerbia from 227€
Stuttgart with AirSerbia from 166€
Caserta with Alitalia from 175€
Palermo with Alitalia from 173€
Lviv with Austrian from 233€
Odesa with Austrian from 233€
Prague with Austrian from 184€
Stockholm with Austrian from 138€
St. Petersburg with Belavia from 254€
Basel with easyJet from 53€
Avellino with easyJet from 127€
Benevento with easyJet from 127€
Hamburg with easyJet from 108€
London with easyJet from 119€
Naples with easyJet from 127€
Porto with easyJet from 152€
Salermo with easyJet from 127€
Munich with LOT from 165€
Warsaw with LOT from 85€
Cluj with Lufthansa from 212€
Florence with Lufthansa from 198€
Geneve with Lufthansa from 122€
Lausanne with Lufthansa from 122€
Lyon with Lufthansa from 150€
Milano with Lufthansa from 141€
Nuremberg with Lufthansa from 208€
Rome with Lufthansa from 142€
Trieste with Lufthansa from 199€
Dubrovnik with Lufthansa from 193€
Bologna with Lufthansa/Austrian from 127€
Podgorica with Montenegro Airlines from 108€
Antalya with Pegasus from 235€
Copenhagen with SWISS from 142€
Luzern with SWISS from 135€
Madrid with SWISS from 126€
Malmo with SWISS from 142€
Valencia with SWISS from 196€
Ankara with TurkishAirlines from 265€
Bodrum with TurkishAirlines from 301€
Istanbul with TurkishAirlines from 208€
Barcelona with Vueling from 140€

For info on the shuttle bus from the airport to the city center and back, click here.

Have a safe journey!

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