Shuttle Bus service

This year you will have opportunity to use the special Shuttle Bus service, organized exclusively for the participants of the Encuentro.

This service will be available during specific hoursof Day Milongas, Workshops and Gran Milongas, as well as for airport transfers.
No more waiting for taxies, no more walking home or toa milonga because you could not get one, no more finding people to share a ridewith, and no more thinking whether the taxi you see is the one with the regularprices!  

You will be able to hop-on and enjoy your safe and fast ride to the festivallocations, and back to your accommodation, and all that in good company. Yes,we do know, those chitchats on the way to and from milongas arepriceless! 

See you in Belgrade, where the whole world dances together!


Shuttle - Single Ride
The price for a single journey on the route connecting the main venue with the city center will be 3 € (350 RSD). 
If you buy 10 tickets*
The *unit priceper single ticket is lower if you purchase the tickets in bulk. (total of 25 € /  3.000 RSD)
Airport Transfer
The pricefor a single journey from the airport to your apartment, or the other wayround, will be 6 € (700 RSD). 
It will only be possible to pay with cash.
Hotel Mintwill be connected to the venue by a separate shuttle bus line.
Check out the shuttle bus route and stops:
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Allregistered participants will receive emails with the information on how to book their airport transfer.