Visiting Belgrade

Serbian capital with turbulent history, one of the Balkans’ key spots

where the „melting pot“ melts the most!

Every city has its energy, being a life form on its own.

What Belgrade offers is:

vibrant atmosphere on its sleepless streets,

open-mindedness and hospitality.

Belgrade stays awake late at night, and when awake – it is not quiet.

More tips from Tourist Organization of Belgrade!

Mobile application: Belgrade Talking (Play Store / iTunes)

City’s (mainstream) pride and joy!

Kalemegdan Fortress and park

  • strategically very important spot throughout the hectic history of Balkans
  • the most visited spot of the city and a large green picnic area
  • beautiful view on the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers
Kosančićev venac

  • the oldest section of Belgrade outside the walls of the Kalemegdan fortress, covered with cobblestone and surrounded by historic buildings, a location to several movies
Skadarlija, the bohemian quarter

  • its history starts in 1830 with the settlement of Gypsies and continues  particularly after 1901 when prominent writers and actors starting visiting to the Skadarlija inns or kafanas every night
  • traditional cuisine and local orquestras playing brass, traditional and gipsy music to your ear
Kafana (bistro) Question mark

  • the oldest of Belgrade inns, erected in 1823 in Balkan style, had changed owners and names since 1878
  • first it was called “At the Shepherd’s” in 1878, then in 1892 “At the Cathedral Church” but church authorities protested so the owner put the question mark sign at the door as a temporary solution and it remained there to this day
Church of St Sava

Have a look!

  • the largest Orthodox church in Serbia, dominates Belgrade’s cityscape, (the exterior complete in 2017, internal decoration of the building still work in progress)
  • construction of the church began in 1935, 340 years after the burning of Saint Sava’s remains by the Ottomans, and on the same place where the ashes were scattered
  • the greatest, 40days-long achievement of the construction process was lifting of the 4,000 ton central dome

Our choice of (really cool) museums!

Nikola Tesla Museum

  • preserving the complete heritage of the greatest Serbian scientist and inventor, located in the heart of Belgrade, in a beautiful residential villa built in 1929
  • the Museum also holds the remains of Nikola Tesla
Residence of Prince Miloš

  • the architecture displays both the cultural forms of the Ottoman ruling elite, as well as the accelerating adoption of European culture which accompanied the struggle for national independence; one can marvel the painted decorative woodcarvings and rich decorative objects in the interior
  • the permanent exhibition dedicated to the creator of the modern Serbian State Prince Miloš, and his illustrious role in the liberation from Ottoman rule (displaying a large number of works of art, lithographs, documentary material, furniture, and personal belongings of the members of the Obrenovic dynasty)
Residence of Princess Ljubica

  • the exhibition includes a selection of fine and applied art objects from the holdings of the Belgrade City Museum; the objects date from the 19th century and they are products of Western European and local artisan and industrial production
  • the monodrama (a guided tour on private life of the ruling couple Prince Miloš and Princess Ljubica) „A Coffee with Princess Ljubica“ is performed in the authentic setting of the Residence of Princess Ljubica written and performed by the curator, can be arranged to be performed in any hour in English for the group of 10 people minimum (lasts 45min, costs 700RSD)
Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

  • recently re-opened after a reconstruction period, the Museum offers a representation of the most relevant artists, periods, movements and tendencies in Yugoslav and Serbian art of the 20th century, with an active role in the promotion of local art abroad
Zepter Museum

  • art scene in Serbia in the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the new millennium, located in a beautiful building that is one of rare examples of Berlin and Hungarian Secession in Belgrade
Muzej Macura
May-October, 10-18h, +381 64 4729629 or

  • in a natural ambience, in a village 23 km outside of Belgrade, surrounded by a park and an orchard with various fruits, a private collection of works of art of zenithism, yugo-dada, Belgrade neorealism, modern and conceptual art, neo-avantgarde…
  • refreshing atmosphere of non-professionalism and traditional hospitality creates an authentic experience of an authentic museum

Special experiences

Cycle tour by the river

-affordable and healthy way to feel Belgrade!

Jevremovac Botanical Garden

–an oasis of oxygen, peace, and beautiful flora!

Savamala district

–Belgrade’s creative hub with hipster spots, shops, bars, graffiti!

Dorćol district

–old but trendy area with shady streets, galleries, shops and caffès!

Novi bioskop Zvezda

–a ruined old cinema screening good old movies for revolutionary yet romantic souls!

Salon 5

–really, really fine dining!

City tours: cool&alternative

Alternative boat tours:
Bellegrade or +381 69 2535652 (Whatsapp)
Various alternative tours:

Belgrade Walking Tours

Local designers & manufacturers, cool gift-shops

Choomich district

Alternative fashion made by locals, original gift shops, cosmetics, ceramics, and more!

Makadam concept store

Perfect gifts with modern yet Balkan aesthetics in a charming area!


Gifts with cool aesthetics and sense of humour!

Jevremova 25

Arty, cool, different – artists create, the shop donates!

Vintage Smizla

The ultimate vintage shopping experience – what a place!

Vegetarian&vegan places, healthy take-away & fast food

Coffee/tea sipping

Salon de Thé 
Coffee dream chain

(good for takeaway, choice of alternative milks)

Piazza del Caffe
Coffee room

Not just another bar

Strogi centar

–urban jungle corner, amazing murals, alternative crowd


–crowded, urban, typical Belgrade experience

Sinnerman jazz club

–live jazz&blues and quite special rooftop view

Rakia bar

–all kinds of rakia, i.e. Serbian national drink

Samo pivo

–huge choice of quality beers, local ones included


–cosy and arty


–super cute alternative place with a special ambience

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